Young MI Registry is a registry collecting data of myocardial infarction in people below 45 years of age. It intends to include young patients with ST Elevation MI as well as non-ST Elevation MI with an aim to study the risk factors and patterns of presentation. It will also collect data on management patterns, in hospital outcomes and short term outcomes. The data so collected would certainly help us to understand this subset of patients and manage them better in future.

Participating Centers

    • Nagpur
    • Spandan Heart Institute and Research Centre
    • Crescent Hospital and Heart Centre
    • Arneja Heart Institute and Multi-Speciality Hospital
    • Avanti Hospital
    • Platina Heart Hospital
    • Viveka Hospitals
    • Shrikrishna Hrudayalaya & Critical Care Centre
    • Ganga Care Hospital
    • Central India cardiology hospital and Research Institute
    • Sengupta Hospital and Research Institute
    • Rhythm Heart Institute
    • Max Heart Hospital
    • Arihant Multi-Speciality Hospital
    • Intima Heart and Critical Care Institute
    • Swasthyam Super-Speciality Hospital
    • Amaravati
    • Zenith Heart and Multi-Speciality Hospital
    • Radiant Super-Speciality hospital
    • Gondia
    • Bahekar Super-Speciality Hospital
    • Hope Heart Hospital
    • Yavatmal
    • Shri Datta Hospital and Research Center
    • HMM Criticare Hospital
    • Chandrapur
    • Dr. Punekar Cardiology Institute
    • CHL Multi-Speciality Hospital and Research Centre
    • Akola
    • Icon Hospital
    • Ozone Multi-Speciality Hospital and Critical Care Centre





Principal Investigator

Dr. Niteen V. Deshpande

Spandan Heart Institute & Research Center, Nagpur

The registry is planned to be an eCRF based registry and the patient recruitment period is planned to be one year. Participating center have agreed to enroll consecutive patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria and after obtaining the informed consent for data collection. Medical and interventional management of the patients will be done according the standard medical practices and policies of individual institutions and cardiologists. The registry does not influence the management decisions. The registry only intends to collect and analyze data to gain meaningful insights in this challenging patient subset.